Consumer Rights Litigation

You have the right under law to be protected by fraud.

Consumer litigation and the Deceptive Trade Practice Act

The Deceptive Trade Practice Act (Known as the “DTPA”) is a law in Texas which provides protection for consumers from unscrupulous or just improper actions by businesses. As a consumer rights litigation attorney I can represent you as a counselor or, if necessary, in the courts.

The DTPA is a powerful tool to protect “consumers”. A person or small business who tried to obtain, or has obtained goods or services, by either lease or purchase may be protected under the DTPA. If you purchased or leased something and  feel you have been  misrepresented, we may be able to use the DTPA to not only get what you deserve, but to make the other party pay additional damages as a penalty and to teach them they cannot get away with such conduct.

I can represent you in case of a:

  • False, misleading, or deceptive act
  • Breach of warranty
  • Unconscionable act or practice
  • Violation of chapter 541 of the Texas Insurance Code

The damages that can be awarded for a successful DTPA claim can be quite extensive. The Deceptive Trade Practices Act is a complicated law due to its many exceptions and applicable Tie-In Statutes. If you think you or your employees may have violated the DTPA, either on purpose or inadvertently, we recommend contacting contacting me today to set up your free initial consultation and to discuss your exposure to liability and programs that can be put into place to avoid future violations.