Trials & Arbitrations Taken to Verdict Include:

Don Uloth is a top rated Dallas, Texas trial attorney with expertise handling employment lawsuits, noncompetes, and business litigation. Below is a sample of his trials and arbitrations:

  • Defend publicly-traded company on claims asserted by the founder-CEO after the board of directors terminated his employment.
  • Defend CFO sued for sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress by four former employees.
  • Represent investment bank suing four employees who resigned to form a competing company using confidential information on bank’s pending deals to compete unfairly against the bank.
  • Defend financial services company sued by former employee seeking $6 million in commissions allegedly due under his employment contract.
  • Represent company suing its former President to recover unauthorized bonuses, unpaid loans, and to unwind self-dealing transactions between him and the company.
  • Defended financial services firm sued by forty-plus investors defrauded by an independent broker/dealer for his undisclosed conduct.
  • Represented commercial lender that financed RV dealership in suit to sequester and recover 23 motor homes and recover judgment for the loan deficiency.
  • Trial in probate court where sister challenged father’s oral gift to her brother.
  • Sued the producer of a Mia Hamm soccer video to collect fees owed to the contractor that authored the DVD